• Vintage Rolled Gold "E" Brooch - 1
  • Vintage Rolled Gold "E" Brooch - 2

Vintage Rolled Gold "E" Brooch



Vintage 1930's rolled gold brooch. This fun brooch is made from rolled gold. Rolled gold is a hybrid metal consisting of fine layers of gold that are fused by heat to create one or both sides of a base metal of brass or copper. Usually rolled gold consists of 5% gold. This process was patented in England in 1817; it became popular in the 1920's and 1930's and was used in high quality vintage jewellery.

This brooch is made from a single square rolled gold wire moulded into an 'E' shape and secured onto a rolled gold round wire forming the safety pin. This brooch is in excellent vintage condition and measures approximately 2.9cm in diameter and 4cm,


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